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April 20, 1970
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Cancun is a city located in southeastern Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo whose boundary is the beautiful Caribbean Sea, making it a destination that receives visitors from around the world. The meaning of its name comes from the Mayan language (Kaank’uun) whose meaning is mostly related to snakes and can be interpreted as gold snake snake pit. Today is a city with an infrastructure (hotel, gastronomic and tourism) capable of accommodating the thousands of tourists who come annually from all over the world, Cancun is regarded as the premier tourist destination throughout Mexico.

Cancun belonging to the state of Quintana Roo, it’s origins date back to the era of Maya culture when the people of itzaes, was forced to build an impressive culture, to adapt to this beautiful but uncertain territory. That is why today we see throughout the area, great archaeological remains such as the fortress of Tulum, The City of Coba and Kohunlich, among others, which are a clear sign of the great development achieved by the first settlers.

Cancun began development in the year 1970 with the construction of the basic services of what is now known as the town of Cancún; and five years later he continued the development of the hotel zone, where initially the government had to finance the construction of the first hotels, being the Palacio Maya and Club Med the first buildings in the area. Today Cancun has nearly half a million inhabitants, this impressive resort is visited by more than 3 million tourists a year. We can also say that their territory is divided into three main areas:

The people of Cancun, which is the popular residential area of infrastructure where about 60% of the population resides.

The ecological reserve, which provides a unique beauty to this area by providing beautiful scenery, lagoons and mangroves.

The hotel zone, developed into a boulevard of 25 km in length, along which are hundreds of five star hotels, high class tourism, which together give this island a capacity of more than 28 000 rooms, and a wide variety of restaurants, shops and clubs ready to receive different types of travelers and satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Cancun has something for everyone: ecological and water parks, as well as tours to the jungle (jungle tours) are perfect activities for the whole family; water activities like diving and surfing, filled with adrenaline sports enthusiasts, the fun never ends in Cancun, at night you can visit the night clubs that offer all types of music for all tastes, all this stunning resort, Cancun makes the number one destination in Mexico and one of the most desirable beaches in the world.


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