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Jetpack Water Sports

  • Duration 20 a 30 Min
  • Jet Pack

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Have you ever dreamed that you were flying? Finally, technology has caught up with fantasy! One part sci-fi, three parts British secret service agent, and 100 percent pure adrenaline rush, your water- propelled jetpack is about to send your spirits — and yourself — soaring. Excitement builds as you take to the skies and experience the rush of personal flight. So, strap in, engage the throttle, and up, up, and away you go!

Includes: Instruction by certified trainer, use of life jacket, a lifeguard assisting you, bottled water, activity insurance, lots of fun!

Not included

  •          Additional 15 usd videos.

  •          Photos and videos are not included in the package and have a cost of 60 usd photos only


  • 9:30 hrs, 10:30 hrs, 11:30 hrs, 12:30 hrs, 2:30 hrs, 3:30 hrs, 4:30 hrs y 5:30 hrs


  •          Children under 12 years of age and minimum weight of 45 kg (100lb), accompanied by their parents.
  •          Maximum weight: 150 kg, (300 lb)

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