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Tulum Tower

  • Duration 15 min
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The tower is only found in 7 parts of the world; as it is in: Morocco, Seoul, Dubai, United States (2), France and Latin America; which we find located in the Archaeological Zone of Tulum, it is worth mentioning that it is the only one that rotates 360 ° on its own axis.
The Aérobar is a product of the company AEROPHILE:

17 passengers sitting around a bar rise in a metal structure 35 meters high. The globe of 7 meters in diameter has a decorative purpose. The passengers are sitting in chairs with their feet in a vacuum and fastened with a seatbelt. They rise under the command of the operator who is in the center of the gondola.
The metal structure is a circular base cylinder 11 meters in diameter, (36 feet) composed of 12 helices: six clockwise, six counter-clockwise; the pitch of the propellers increases as a function of height and they are joined with three vertical masts.

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